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Portugal Public Holidays List 2023

Following are the list of Public, Office, School, Bank Holidays in Portugal year 2023
101 Jan, SundayNew Year's DayNational holiday
214 Feb, TuesdayValentine's DayObservance
321 Feb, TuesdayCarnival / Shrove TuesdayCommon local holiday
419 Mar, SundaySt. Joseph's DayLocal holiday , Santarém
519 Mar, SundayFather's DayObservance
620 Mar, MondayMarch EquinoxSeason
726 Mar, SundayDaylight Saving Time startsClock change/Daylight Saving Time
807 Apr, FridayGood FridayNational holiday
909 Apr, SundayEaster SundayNational holiday
1025 Apr, TuesdayLiberty DayNational holiday
1125 Apr, TuesdayOur Lady of MércolesLocal holiday , Castelo Branco
1201 May, MondayLabor Day / May DayNational holiday
1307 May, SundayMother's DayObservance
1412 May, FridaySt. Joana's DayLocal holiday , Aveiro
1518 May, ThursdayAscension DayLocal holiday , Beja
1622 May, MondayLeiria DayLocal holiday , Leiria
1723 May, TuesdayPortalegre DayLocal holiday , Portalegre
1829 May, MondayAzores DayLocal holiday , Azores
1908 Jun, ThursdayCorpus ChristiNational holiday
2010 Jun, SaturdayPortugal DayNational holiday
2113 Jun, TuesdaySt. Anthony's DayLocal holiday , Lisbon
2221 Jun, WednesdayJune SolsticeSeason
2324 Jun, SaturdaySt. John's DayLocal holiday , Porto
2429 Jun, ThursdaySt. Peter's DayLocal holiday , Évora
2504 Jul, TuesdaySt. Elizabeth's DayLocal holiday , Coimbra
2615 Aug, TuesdayAssumption of MaryNational holiday
2720 Aug, SundayOur Lady of SorrowsLocal holiday , Viana do Castelo
2822 Aug, TuesdayOur Lady of GracesLocal holiday , Bragança
2907 Sep, ThursdayFaro DayLocal holiday , Faro
3015 Sep, FridayBirth of BocageLocal holiday , Setúbal
3121 Sep, ThursdaySt. Matthew's DayLocal holiday , Viseu
3223 Sep, SaturdaySeptember EquinoxSeason
3305 Oct, ThursdayRepublic ImplantationNational holiday
3429 Oct, SundayDaylight Saving Time endsClock change/Daylight Saving Time
3501 Nov, WednesdayAll Saints' DayNational holiday
3627 Nov, MondayForal of Sancho ILocal holiday , Guarda
3701 Dec, FridayRestoration of IndependenceNational holiday
3808 Dec, FridayFeast of the Immaculate ConceptionNational holiday
3922 Dec, FridayDecember SolsticeSeason
4024 Dec, SundayChristmas EveObservance
4125 Dec, MondayChristmas DayNational holiday
4231 Dec, SundayNew Year's EveObservance

New Year's Day (01 Jan) : New Year’s Day is the first day of the year, or January 1, in the Gregorian calendar.

Valentine's Day (14 Feb) : Valentine’s Day is a special time to celebrate love, romance and friendship.

Carnival / Shrove Tuesday (21 Feb) : Shrove Tuesday is a religious holiday that is on the day before Ash Wednesday. It is also known as the Tuesday of Carnival, which is a festive occasion among many cultures.

St. Joseph's Day (19 Mar) : St. Joseph's Day is a municipal holiday in Portugal

Father's Day (19 Mar) : Father’s Day celebrates fatherhood and male parenting on different dates worldwide.

March Equinox (20 Mar) : March Equinox in Portugal (Lisbon)

Daylight Saving Time starts (26 Mar) : Daylight Saving Time starts in Portugal

Good Friday (07 Apr) : Good Friday is a global Christian observance two days before Easter Sunday.

Easter Sunday (09 Apr) : Easter Sunday commemorates Jesus Christ’s resurrection, according to Christian belief.

Liberty Day (25 Apr) : Liberty Day is a national holiday in Portugal

Our Lady of Mércoles (25 Apr) : Our Lady of Mércoles is a municipal holiday in Portugal

Labor Day / May Day (01 May) : Labor Day, or May Day, is a day off for workers in many countries around the world.

Mother's Day (07 May) : Mother’s Day celebrates the achievements and efforts of mothers and mother figures.

St. Joana's Day (12 May) : St. Joana's Day is a municipal holiday in Portugal

Ascension Day (18 May) : Ascension Day is a municipal holiday in Portugal

Leiria Day (22 May) : Leiria Day is a municipal holiday in Portugal

Portalegre Day (23 May) : Portalegre Day is a municipal holiday in Portugal

Azores Day (29 May) : Azores Day is a regional holiday in Portugal

Corpus Christi (08 Jun) : Corpus Christi is a Christian feast in honor of the Holy Eucharist.

Portugal Day (10 Jun) : Portugal Day is a national holiday in Portugal

St. Anthony's Day (13 Jun) : St. Anthony's Day is a municipal holiday in Portugal

June Solstice (21 Jun) : June Solstice in Portugal (Lisbon)

St. John's Day (24 Jun) : St. John's Day is a municipal holiday in Portugal

St. Peter's Day (29 Jun) : St. Peter's Day is a municipal holiday in Portugal

St. Elizabeth's Day (04 Jul) : St. Elizabeth's Day is a municipal holiday in Portugal

Assumption of Mary (15 Aug) : The Christian feast of the Assumption of Mary is on or around Aug 15 in most countries. A few celebrate Assumption Day at other times of the year.

Our Lady of Sorrows (20 Aug) : Our Lady of Sorrows is a municipal holiday in Portugal

Our Lady of Graces (22 Aug) : Our Lady of Graces is a municipal holiday in Portugal

Faro Day (07 Sep) : Faro Day is a municipal holiday in Portugal

Birth of Bocage (15 Sep) : Birth of Bocage is a municipal holiday in Portugal

St. Matthew's Day (21 Sep) : St. Matthew's Day is a municipal holiday in Portugal

September Equinox (23 Sep) : September Equinox in Portugal (Lisbon)

Republic Implantation (05 Oct) : Republic Implantation is a national holiday in Portugal

Daylight Saving Time ends (29 Oct) : Daylight Saving Time ends in Portugal

All Saints' Day (01 Nov) : Many churches honor all their saints on All Saints' Day, also known as All Hallows' Day.

Foral of Sancho I (27 Nov) : Foral of Sancho I is a municipal holiday in Portugal

Restoration of Independence (01 Dec) : Restoration of Independence is a national holiday in Portugal

Feast of the Immaculate Conception (08 Dec) : The Feast of the Immaculate Conception is a Christian observance on December 8 each year.

December Solstice (22 Dec) : December Solstice in Portugal (Lisbon)

Christmas Eve (24 Dec) : Christmas Eve is the day before Christmas Day and falls on December 24 in the Gregorian calendar.

Christmas Day (25 Dec) : Christmas Day is one of the biggest Christian celebrations and falls on December 25 in the Gregorian calendar.

New Year's Eve (31 Dec) : New Year’s Eve is the last day of the year, December 31, in the Gregorian calendar.