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Netherlands Public Holidays List 2023

Following are the list of Public, Office, School, Bank Holidays in Netherlands year 2023

New Year's Day (01 Jan) : New Year's Day (nieuwjaarsdag, oud en nieuw) is the first day of a new calendar year. In the Netherlands, it always falls on January 1.

Valentine's Day (14 Feb) : Valentine’s Day is a special time to celebrate love, romance and friendship.

March Equinox (20 Mar) : March Equinox in the Netherlands (Amsterdam)

Good Friday (07 Apr) : Good Friday is the Friday before Easter Sunday in the Netherlands.

Easter Sunday (09 Apr) : On Easter Sunday (paaszondag, pasen) many Christians in the Netherlands celebrate the resurrection of Jesus after his crucifixion.

Easter Monday (10 Apr) : Easter Monday (tweede paasdag) in the Netherlands is the day after Easter Sunday.

King's Birthday (27 Apr) : The King’s official birthday in the Netherlands is a festive occasion that is annually celebrated on April 27.

Remembrance Day (04 May) : Remembrance Day in the Netherlands commemorates Dutch civilians and soldiers who lost their lives in war and during peace-keeping missions.

Liberation Day (05 May) : Liberation Day in the Netherlands celebrates the end of World War II in Europe.

Ascension Day (18 May) : Ascension Day (hemelvaart) in the Netherlands is the 40th day of Easter and ten days before Pentecost.

Whit Sunday (28 May) : Pentecost (Pinksteren) in the Netherlands is seven weeks after Easter Sunday. It commemorates the Holy Spirit's descent from heaven onto Jesus' followers.

Whit Monday (29 May) : The second day of Pentecost (tweede pinksterdag) in the Netherlands is on a Monday seven weeks after Easter Monday.

June Solstice (21 Jun) : June Solstice in the Netherlands (Amsterdam)

Keti Koti (01 Jul) : Keti Koti is a observance in the Netherlands

September Equinox (23 Sep) : September Equinox in the Netherlands (Amsterdam)

St Nicholas' Eve/Sinterklaas (05 Dec) : St Nicholas’ Eve honors a Christian saint who is associated with gift-giving. It is a festive celebration in the Netherlands on December 5.

St Nicholas' Day (06 Dec) : St. Nicholas’ Day honors a Christian saint who is associated with gift-giving. It is a festive celebration in the Netherlands on December 5–6.

December Solstice (22 Dec) : December Solstice in the Netherlands (Amsterdam)

Christmas Eve (24 Dec) : Christmas Eve in the Netherlands is the start of the Dutch Christmas holidays.

Christmas Day (25 Dec) : Christmas Day (kerst, kerstmis) is a public holiday in the Netherlands that commemorates Jesus Christ's birth. It always falls on December 25.

Second Day of Christmas (26 Dec) : The second day of Christmas is a holiday for many people in the Netherlands. It always falls on December 26.

New Year's Eve (31 Dec) : New Year’s Eve is one of the most exciting times in The Netherlands, farewelling the Old Year and celebrating the New Year.