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Laos Public Holidays List 2023

Following are the list of Public, Office, School, Bank Holidays in Laos year 2023

New Year's Day (01 Jan) : New Year’s Day is the first day of the year, or January 1, in the Gregorian calendar.

International Women's Day (Women Only) (08 Mar) : International Women's Day (Women Only) is a public holiday in Laos

March Equinox (21 Mar) : March Equinox in Laos (Vientiane)

Labor Day / May Day (01 May) : Labor Day, or May Day, is a day off for workers in many countries around the world.

Children's Day (01 Jun) : Children's Day is a observance in Laos

June Solstice (21 Jun) : June Solstice in Laos (Vientiane)

September Equinox (23 Sep) : September Equinox in Laos (Vientiane)

National Day (02 Dec) : National Day is a public holiday in Laos

December Solstice (22 Dec) : December Solstice in Laos (Vientiane)